Setting Records in NIL Merchandise Engagement

On January 20, 2024, Team IP, the industry leader in NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) merchandise, made a remarkable impact at the 15 Club Fan Fest, hosted by the 15 Club in Lexington, Kentucky. The event, now in its second year, witnessed Team IP's expertise, resulting in the first ever merchandise experience involving athletes’ name, image, and likeness featured on the items for Team IP.


Team IP's partnership with Athlete Advantage and the 15 Club brought a dynamic assortment of exclusive NIL merchandise to the Fan Fest. From personalized player posters to footballs and t-shirts, Team IP's curated collection showcased a commitment to elevating fan experiences and supporting athletes in the era of NIL opportunities.

The Fan Fest, designed as a platform for fans to connect directly with over 50 Kentucky athletes, became a hub of excitement as attendees had the chance to acquire unique merchandise and interact with athletes through meet-and-greet sessions. The impact of Team IP's contributions was evident in the success of the event, with a remarkable 2,500+ tickets distributed.

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“Our participation at the 15 Club Fan Fest reflects our dedication to empowering athletes through the limitless potential of NIL. The enthusiastic fan response highlights the impact of meaningful engagement,” said Randy Sparks, CEO of Team IP. “Our partnership with Athlete Advantage and the 15 Club showcases Team IP's commitment to innovation in collegiate athletics, merging passion, merchandise, and athlete connection."

"Witnessing the success of the 15 Club Fan Fest is a testament to our mission of empowering athletes in the evolving landscape of NIL opportunities. Our collaboration with Team IP creates a platform where athletes connect directly with their fans, creating a win-win for both," said Ryan Miller, CEO and Founder of Athlete Advantage. "We're excited to continue supporting athletes as they navigate the possibilities of their Name, Image, and Likeness in collegiate athletics."

Notably, Team IP's dedication to advancing NIL initiatives was highlighted during the Fan Fest. Their partnership with Athlete Advantage shows the strategic commitment to empowering collegiate athletes and providing them with avenues for meaningful fan engagement.

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