Stuart, FL – February 22, 2019 - Team IP is proud to announce a new partnership with the non-profit Memories of Honor. Through our support, we will not only stand beside them in their mission, but we will also become the exclusive provider for event merchandise, decorated apparel, and online retail integration.

“Memories of Honor is excited and blessed to be partnering with such a dynamic and compassionate company.  As a nation, we owe our fallen military and their loved one’s a debt of gratitude that we could never repay. With companies like Team IP by our side we can make a huge impact in their lives. We are hopeful that other companies will follow Team IP’s example and help us honor the sacrifice, not just on Memorial Day but every day.”

Amy Cotta Memories of Honor | Founder & Executive Director

Memories of Honor strives to honor our fallen military and the families they leave behind through sports and special events in order to heal the visible and invisible wounds of war for both veterans and surviving family members. They act as a living, breathing memorial so that no military loss of life is forgotten. They honor all branches, all dates of death, and ALL loss of life.

Team IP is excited to become part of the three-pronged approach Memories of Honor has established to remember our fallen military heroes. First, preserve the legacy of our fallen service members through living memorials. Second, be a visual reminder to Gold Star Families that they are not alone, and their loved ones will never be forgotten. And third, provide a healthy outlet for depression, PTSD, and survivor’s guilt.  

“Over the last 25 years, Team IP has been blessed to work with many amazing organizations. We are honored to come alongside Memories of Honor and pledge our support. Part of our business plan at Team IP is to not only support the communities we work in, but also to give back to those who have served our country. We feel very strongly about the mission of Memories of Honor, and we hope you do too. Let’s honor the sacrifice together!”

Randy Sparks Team IP | CEO and Founder

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